DannyOHey…thanks for dropping by!  This is my personal place that I originally created as a journal for my online adventures.  I started out online by building a quick little rinky dink HTML website back in the late 90’s.  I was taking a class at my local community college and thought it might be fun to learn how to do some sort of coding.  Not having any type of background in computer programming I had heard HTML was relatively easy to learn.  Luckily that was true and I had built a cool little website where I would post pictures and my family could check out what I was up to.

You got to remember, this was way before Facebook or MySpace were invented, so having a cool little place like this was pretty awesome in the eyes of my friends and family.  As time went on I dabbled in Internet Marketing and built product review sites.  I found their was cool affiliate programs that I could join and actually earn some extra spending money just by reviewing and sometimes promoting other people’s products.

I created this blog originally to remind myself of what steps needed to be taken in order to successfully rank my websites.  Now I like to post on various topics related to driving traffic to websites.  I am really big on Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click Marketing, and Social Media Optimization.  Of course I am sure I’ll generate interesting articles related to Web Design as well.

I really do appreciate you dropping by and feel free to post anything you like in any of my blog articles.  I love to interact with my visitors!