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Search Engine Optimization plays a vital role in the internet marketing world. This is the process which can help the business owner to get their websites ranking improved in the Search Engines. Today search engine optimization services are used almost in every part of the world. The three major search engines which are used worldwide are Google, Yahoo and Bing. In today’s world Google is the most popular search engine amongst them. It’s also the most used search engine by people in every part of the world and has captured almost 80% to 90% of the total searches. Information related to anything can be found on Google, whether someone is looking for Hotels in London or Casinos in Las Vegas, Florist shops in your home town or Places to visit abroad.

In my opinion, I would always avoid flash based navigational systems for one simple reason; Google along with the other search engines can’t read text on images. The other thing to consider with this is, as the web moves more and more to mobile devices how many of these will support flash? Apple has already said they won’t support flash elements and even my Blackberry doesn’t do a great job of flash websites. Please don’t think I’m not a lover of flash, because I do like the concept, but from an SEO point-of-view it can be a big barrier, especially with engine optimization google

As a golden rule, a website has eight seconds to sell the company and/or products and there is nothing worse than waiting for a website to load, especially large images and backgrounds. As mentioned above, website load time is a factor and the two best tools I have used to reduce image file sizes are Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Fireworks – admittedly Fireworks did the slightly better job, even though it was only a few kilobytes.

One thing I have noticed with large e-commerce websites without sitemaps is the lack of pages that are indexed in Google. A great example would be an e-commerce site I worked on recently that had a catalogue of over 2,000 products. After conducting research on this, I found that only 500 pages had been indexed in Google. With the introduction of sitemaps, their indexed pages had gone up to 1,500 in 3 weeks – this also increased their exposure in Google. They then started to gain more long tail keyword searches and overall conversions increased off the back of this.

Search engine optimization (also known by various other names like search engine ranking, search engine promotion, website promotion, SEO etc.) is a method through which a website is given top rankings in various search engines. According to a recent industry study, 1 in every 20 people go to the second page of search results pages, but only 1 in every 100 people go beyond that. So, by top search engine rankings, we mean that your website should be within the first two pages of the search results, preferably in the first page (i.e. within top 10 rankings).

Link popularity has assumed tremendous importance for getting good ranks in Google now a days. In fact, what started as a friendly reciprocal link exchange program among various webmasters has now become a sub-industry within the SEO industry itself, with thousands of link farms popping up every day! Yes, if you are interested in getting top ranks in search engines, especially Google, then you must pay effort in building up links for your site.

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wikipedia (SEO) is the process of making a webpage or a website more visible in the search engine results page (SERP); when internet users type a given statement or keyword that is relevant to the content of a webpage.

In order to find out professional SEO experts, you will have to first make a good Google search right away. All of a sudden, a bulk list of SEO experts will be opened in front of your eyes on the internet and now you will have plentiful options to find best SEO expert within your range. Generally search engine optimizations experts have a range of qualities in order to grab their long term SEO projects involving SEO consulting, keyword analysis, content creation and optimization, directory submission, link building, blogging and many more.

Next most important thing to do is to ask over your friends, relatives, and family members about competitive and cost effective search engine optimization experts. This way, you will have to create solid yet long term relations with educated people, because they help you find out Best SEO expert in the best possible manner. Besides, you should conduct in-depth interviews of search engine optimization professionals online so that you don’t have to face any problems while finding these SEO experts at all.

If you start learning SEO yourself, then you can find out best SEO professionals for your own business immediately. In addition, you should read plenty of articles, and reviews, as well as news on search engine optimization on the Internet so that you may be able to accustom to this term clearly. Choose those SEO experts that best suit to your business model or products or services. Bear in mind that what SEO Services can do for you? In fact, they offer plenteous benefits for both small businesses as well as large businesses.

They are mainly consisted of higher search engine rankings on major search engines, increased website visibility, keyword relevancy, increased website traffic, higher sales volumes, timely revenue generation, cost effective online marketing, competitive edge, and longer business identity development. One thing is sure that these search engine optimization services benefits are the results of highly professional and competitive SEO experts. SEO Company is bound to provide you Best SEO services worldwide in a thoroughly professional manner.

You have to build links, and people make it sound so simple, but it really isn’t. The more quality links pointing to your site the more weight your site has in the eyes of Google which means high search engine rankings. You can imagine that when everyone wants to have one-way links pointing to their site while having no out-bound links things might get a little crazy. Submitting your site to directories, do follow blog commenting, social bookmarking and article submission are some of the big ways to get back links to your site.

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Due to the growth in outsourcing projects, SEO companies in India are increasing on a significant way. These agencies offer a pool of services to support your website and to help you get business leads. Reliable and cost-effective, SEO companies with their planned strategic steps, help increase quality traffic to the websites. SEO experts can aid to successful online business and help attain popularity and visibility.

Here’s an analogy to web content: early television. Some of the shows were silly, vapid, shallow and poor production quality by today’s standards, and would never get funded today. On the web, by contrast, it costs almost nothing to publish content, so all the amateur work sloshes around side-by-side with expert content. We have more opportunities to get our work published, but that doesn’t make us entitled to have our work read. We have to earn eyeballs, just like any other form of published media.

Thanks for writing this Greek Geek. I really feel strongly that every writer who is struggling on $5 for 500 words of content should be running their own monetized HubPages site! What you have written here is exactly the reason why. Employment by SEO content junkies is going to be shortlived. It is important for writer’s to perfect their craft and they will rise to the top as you say. The skill of creative writing is incredibly undervalued at the moment. Things will have to change and they are if the job listings for SEO copywriters have anything to do with it. I’ve already seen salary jumps from 16K to 22K in the UK in the past year. To keep a good writer you have to pay. Great hub!search engine optimization definition

I have actually made the bulk of my online income by applying SEO to my content. That is, I have meaningful content, but I structure it in a way that search engines can easily identify my topic and send the audience that would be linked in interested in it. It’s a little like making sure a book title and cover are audience-appropriate and visible. I make much less money on articles I write without regard for SEO, because readers don’t find those articles as often.

You are sooo right. All of us though, have been guilty of publishing content that is mediocre. I suppose it is all about what you want to do. If you want to sell products it is sometimes not possible to go unique as all you can do is describe the product or its uses. Come to think of it, you could try and get some unique uses for it, that may not be to bad an idea. SEO helps a bit, but in the long run you have to keep your audience entertained. You have to get their attention if they are going to read what you have to say.

Ooooo, excellent. Google doesn’t tell us about upcoming updates (And I’m still puzzling over a major traffic shift on November 17, evidently one of the unannounced updates) but it so often drops hints in advance for those paying attention. I remember being shot down in a fairly insulting manner by someone just a week before the first Panda update for daring to suggest that Google was about to introduce some kind of algorithm factor that evaluated overall domains, not just pages on an individual page basis. Of COURSE Google would never do that, I was told!

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linked in explained and what you need to consider to optimize your website. Understand what search engines look for and how they rank your site. Learn what you can do to improve search engine ranking.

The Keywords Tag is used to identify the specific keywords targeted on a webpage. It is used by directories, minor search engines, and on-site search features (including the Google Search Appliance) to identify relevant content. The words used in the Keywords Tag can also be used as blog posting tags and press release tags. Only keywords specific to the page should be used in the tag. The one exception to this is on the homepage, where main keywords used throughout the site may be listed.

Internal links are used primarily for site navigation. The importance the webmaster places on these internal links is picked up by search engines. For example, if every page on the site links to the homepage and to the top menu categories, these are given the most significance by search engines in determining the featured content within the site. Conversely, placing links on every page for minor categories such as about us, privacy, terms of use, copyright, etc., drains attention away from the main content and can bleed the PageRank of more important pages.

Anchor text is the use of words for a link instead of the URL. The most effective internal links for SEO purposes don’t display a URL to be clicked, but rather give a description of the content on the page linked. In the above example from , notice that the URL is not the link, but the news headline is the link. Part of the Google algorithm notices the anchor text used in links, especially keywords, and it is even possible to rank for a search term based solely upon the wording of the anchor text used in incoming engine optimization basics

As Google rewards sites for quality outbound links, it will ban sites from its index which link to spam sites, to sites without related content, to irrelevant sites owned by the linking site, or to sites which violate its Webmaster Guidelines. Google considers an outbound link to be an endorsement and a reflection of the quality of the linking site. Linking to a bad neighborhood identifies the linking site as a bad neighborhood.

Paid links are outbound links that have been purchased on a website. Google now considers all paid links to be advertisements and requires that they be marked as such. Failure to disclose paid links is a violation of Google Webmaster Guidelines and can result in a site being banned from the Google index. Paid links can be indicated by using terms such as sponsored links, advertisement, ads, and the like. They must also use the NoFollow attribute.