How To Get Your Website Found In Bing

Local Splash, a leading local search engine optimization (SEO) firm based in Santa Ana, California, that specializes in getting businesses top listings in map and local organic search results, will welcome attendees to interview the company’s executive team at Ad:Tech at Moscone Center West in San Francisco, April 11-13, 2011, and see live demonstrations of the firm’s exciting local search technologies. As the top local SEO service provider, Local Splash offers its clients unique and powerful benefits. The fast-growing firm’s proprietary technology and process secure high area-specific search engine placement for both neighborhood businesses and national chains with a regional presence. The company earned an impressive spot as the ‥113 fastest-growing company in America in Inc. magazine’s annual ranking of revenue growth published in September’s Inc. 500/5000 list.

Leads: Every online marketer needs leads. WebFire is designed to attract more leads to your website. The lead tool includes information and website links within your niche. The training video tutorials show the online marketer cnn how to get immediate traffic to his website. This tool includes the relevant sites within your niche. It also includes relevant sites for guest blogging and which sites within your niche allow for guest blog posts.

Keyword Tool: The main keyword tool within WebFire allows the user to search a specific ‘keyword phrase’ and the competition for that keyword. The keyword tools also provides related keyword phrases using a particular keyword. The keyword tools also provides the keyword density for your particular site. Very valuable information when you are trying to rank your site for a particular keyword or phrase.

Search Engine Optimization does not give instant results. You have to wait to start seeing results. And make sure that your site is the best with fresh and unique content and good structure. You should read all the text on your site to make sure that it is error free and logical, so your visitors can easily understand it. When you have error in your content, the crawler will skip over you. You need a site map, if you want to have a successful result. Spiders can easily access your site through a site map. Extremely large sites may require more than one site map, you should not have too many links on any site map.

My girlfriend didn’t believe the SEO consultant, so she came to me for a second opinion, just incase her knowledge and instincts had failed her. The consultant argued that pages ending inhtm orhtml are indexed faster by Google and the other search engine web crawlers. Not only that, he tried to convince me that the rate at which pages become indexed greatly effect page rankings. If convinced the client that if he did not switch at least the major pages on the site to these extensions then it would negatively effect his traffic.

I, of course, had never heard of such a thing and immediately tested out the client’s keywords… he was ranked on the first page of Google for every major keyword phrase his site had been optimized for. He also had almost all his pages indexed in the engine. Over the past three months his site’s relative ranking increased 70%, a result of work done way before the new SEO consultant came on board.

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