How To Maximize SEO (4 Steps)

linked in explained and what you need to consider to optimize your website. Understand what search engines look for and how they rank your site. Learn what you can do to improve search engine ranking.

The Keywords Tag is used to identify the specific keywords targeted on a webpage. It is used by directories, minor search engines, and on-site search features (including the Google Search Appliance) to identify relevant content. The words used in the Keywords Tag can also be used as blog posting tags and press release tags. Only keywords specific to the page should be used in the tag. The one exception to this is on the homepage, where main keywords used throughout the site may be listed.

Internal links are used primarily for site navigation. The importance the webmaster places on these internal links is picked up by search engines. For example, if every page on the site links to the homepage and to the top menu categories, these are given the most significance by search engines in determining the featured content within the site. Conversely, placing links on every page for minor categories such as about us, privacy, terms of use, copyright, etc., drains attention away from the main content and can bleed the PageRank of more important pages.

Anchor text is the use of words for a link instead of the URL. The most effective internal links for SEO purposes don’t display a URL to be clicked, but rather give a description of the content on the page linked. In the above example from , notice that the URL is not the link, but the news headline is the link. Part of the Google algorithm notices the anchor text used in links, especially keywords, and it is even possible to rank for a search term based solely upon the wording of the anchor text used in incoming engine optimization basics

As Google rewards sites for quality outbound links, it will ban sites from its index which link to spam sites, to sites without related content, to irrelevant sites owned by the linking site, or to sites which violate its Webmaster Guidelines. Google considers an outbound link to be an endorsement and a reflection of the quality of the linking site. Linking to a bad neighborhood identifies the linking site as a bad neighborhood.

Paid links are outbound links that have been purchased on a website. Google now considers all paid links to be advertisements and requires that they be marked as such. Failure to disclose paid links is a violation of Google Webmaster Guidelines and can result in a site being banned from the Google index. Paid links can be indicated by using terms such as sponsored links, advertisement, ads, and the like. They must also use the NoFollow attribute.

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