Whitehat SEO Strategies

Just as in life. their are good hard working people, and then their are people who will cheat their way to the top.  In the SEO world, things are very similar.  Their are blackhat SEO people who will spam their way to the top by building a keyword heavy niche site, then using automated tools to blast out millions of links to other websites pointing back at them.   Does blackhat SEO work? The answer tends to be yes…but only for a short period of time.  Once the search engines update their algorithms the blackhat sites tend to drop like flies.

How can you get long lasting rankings for your website?  You need to go the whitehat SEO route and do things that abide by the search engines terms of service.  Trying to manipulate the search engine results is a big no no when it comes to long term website rankings.  So what is whitehat SEO?  Basically, whitehat SEO in its truest form is building a high quality site with good unique content.  Creating new content is also key as it is important that when the search engine spiders crawl your site that they are constantly seeing fresh material.  Their is nothing worse than a site that doesn’t have new material for viewers and bots.  It could be misconstrued that your site has been abandoned and your site could drop in the rankings big time! Having a well laid out site with good linking between your pages is also important for both your visitors as well as any indexing spiders.  The easier your site is to navigate, the less likely users will want to hit that back button and go back to the search results.  When users do that, it affects your website ranking in a negative way.  When users leave your site without finding what they were looking for this is known as a bounce.  Search engines take your bounce rate into consideration when it comes to determining how high your website should rank for any given keyword.  If users come to a site that is laid out well, has the content they are after, and engages the user, you have a much smaller chance that they user will bounce back to the search results.

So why even both with blackhat tactics when whitehat works so well?  The biggest issue with whitehat SEO is that it takes a lot of time and effort to get the results you desire.  A lot of people do not want to invest the time and resources needed to build a successful website.  It can take months or sometimes even years to get your website ranking for just a few quality keywords using traditional whitehat methods; however, once you have done it, you can expect to remain in the top rankings for quite a while; unlike sites that used blackhat methods.

So what are some good whitehat strategies to get your website ranking? I spoke to James Nero, a consultant at WebVantage Marketing, a Sacramento SEO firm.  James told me that he looks for niche relevant blogs for his clients.  He reaches out to these website owners and asks if they would be interested in getting unique content related to their niche.  Once James locates a few website owners who would like to get free articles related to their site, he will generate content while working with the client for accuracy.  Somewhere in the article generated, James places a link back to his client’s website.  This whitehat strategy is known as guest posting.  It is a huge win-win for both parties involved as the website owner gets free, unique, high quality content, and James’ client gets a quality, niche relevant link back to their site using the anchor text of their choosing.

Other whitehat SEO tips include ensuring that your website loads quickly.  Page speed is a metric search engines use when evaluating your website.  The fast it loads, the better it is for the user experience.  It is also critical that your website is mobile friendly today.  Google released an algorithm change earlier in 2015 that would punish websites for not being optimized for mobile devices.   Ensuring you have a good layout with nice interlinking of content is also important when it comes to whitehat SEO techniques.  Other important on page things to consider is using a sitemap file for search engine spiders to use when crawling your site.  The sitemap file is like a treasure map that tells spiders exactly what to crawl.

I found a really interesting video that details guest posting and article creation by someone who is doing it really well from himself and hist customers.  Check it out below!


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