Your Small Business Needs SEO

Search engine optimization is usually known as SEO. This is basically a procedure used to increase the traffic to any particular website or web page. SEO is used to increase the number of users and hence the targeted ratings are achieved. This process of optimizing the traffic typically uses keywords or key phrases to attract the search engines. Since there is a competition to get better ratings, every website or internet based program wants to get popular and well-liked.

In the past, you could pay for higher placements in query results that applied to your site. There are still a few search engines that will do this. But Google changed the playing field when it designed an egalitarian model that produced ranked, relevant results from all available sites, not just those that paid for the privilege. As a result, search engine optimization and search engine marketing soon became critical areas businesses needed to address to improve visibility and drive traffic.

This is a revolution in marketing. This model puts advertisers in closer touch with the people who are predisposed to purchase their products or services. Those people have expressed their interest (and their intent) through the Keywords they entered in their search query. As a result, businesses waste fewer advertising dollars. Search-based advertising has attracted thousands of small businesses and entrepreneurs that haven’t spent money on advertising in the past.

Think of it like this…you have a website for your business, the BEST website in the whole internet, but it isn’t going to do you any good unless you can get people to GO THERE! Driving traffic to your website is a little more than half the battle (let’s call it 70%.) You’ve got to consider that there are numerous other sites on the internet in your exact industry and quite possibly in your same geographic area.

Organic SEO (my favorite type by far) is where the website itself is manipulated to be as attractive as possible to search engines. Things such as page content, page titles, back links, descriptions, text formatting, anchor text and image/file name optimization are just a few areas that are manipulated to accomplish this. We’ll explore those in more depth in a later post. While this may be my favorite type of SEO – you should be warned that it WILL take longer than PPC to have an affect on your website. You can’t rush perfection! Please also note that no one can guarantee results with organic SEO…run away screaming from anyone making such claims.

What kind of results can you realize with Organic SEO? This is the tricky part. Since Organic SEO manipulates the existing code of the site to be more attractive to search engines there can be no absolutes with results. If anyone promises or guarantees any sort of result with an Organic SEO campaign it is probably best to avoid doing business with them. However, you can realize some stellar results with a proper campaign. Check out the image below that highlights the days leading up to an SEO Campaign launch and the resulting traffic jump as soon as it went into affect. Pretty amazing results!

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