Dulu saya tak berani bermimpi boleh lose weight dan maintain ideal weight selama 12 tahun ..!! . kelemahan saya memang suka makan makanan yang berlemak , bergorang dan tak tidak masa untuk workout. . Saya pernah mencuba beberapa cara untuk lose weight tapi x berjaya kerana susah nak mengawal nafsu. . Since saya replace breakfast […]

Cristiano Ronaldo & Herbalife Nutrition: #CR7Drive

In partnership with Cristiano Ronaldo, Herbalife24 has developed a new sports drink to rapidly fuel your workouts and enhance hydration. With natural flavors and colors, #CR7Drive is a modern sports drink, light tasting and formulated to fuel the drive in all of us. With 50 calories per scoop mixed with 8 oz water, CR7 Drive […]

Herbalife Shake Recipe for Weight Loss | Matcha Tofu Shake

Today I’m introducing you to my favorite Herbalife weight loss shake recipe: matcha tofu formula 1. This shake is easy to make, nutritious, low calorie and perfect for those who love matcha and tofu. If you don’t have a Herbalife nutrition coach and looking for a nutrition program or the business opportunity, feel free to […]

How to make a Herbalife Warm Apple Pie Shake

This Herbalife Warm Apple Pie Shake is so tasty! Try it at home! Here is the recipe: Blend 300ml lite soy milk (use what liquid you like lactose free skim milk, almond milk, water etc…), vanilla shake mix and protein powder until creamy (approx 2 minutes)!! In the mean-time microwave cut up apple slices for […]

Herbalife Shake Preparation : How to make Herbalife Shake

#herbalife #weightlossdrink Herbalife brings to you Formula 1 Nutritional Shake for a great-tasting shake, specifically formulated with good quality soy protein isolate, as a Nutritional Food product for your everyday nutritional requirements. Formula 1 Nutritional Shake mix makes a great tasting shake, specifically formulated with all necessary quality soy protein isolate, as Nutritional Food product […]