This week I am sharing my one week review of the Isagenix 30 day system and how I have manage to use the products. I wanted to find ways to use the Isagenix system where it fit into MY life. Yes some adjustments were made but really if I am looking to make a long term change, I need to make slow small changes into habits.

Kinda like when we stopped buying pasta. I liked the idea of quick, filling meals for the family. But I know that meal wasn’t servicing our bodies. Now to say we NEVER will ever have pasta again…yea ok I am not living in a magical land. But we are more conscious of what we buy and have found certain foods to swap out the unhealthy ones.

My Health Journey with Isagenix Playlist :

I am not perfect. I am not a personal trainer or nutritionist and certainly not a Dr. Really I am no one cool. I am just a mom who works full time and enjoy sharing my life adventures online.

Here is the link to my personal Isagenix page.

On there you will be able to search for products and watch informational videos on each of them.

I personally started off with the 30 day system.

If you have questions please feel free to ASK me. I am here to help you build your own custom Isa Kit. I can be reach by email or DM.

If you are wanting to purchase products individually you’ll want to click the ‘Buy Now’ tab.

If you are looking to save the most amount of money over the long haul you’ll want to select the ‘Sign Up & Save’ tab. This has a $29 a year fee ( just like Sams Club or Costco does ) and this will allow for you to save 25% for the next year.

Remember, you’ll be saving at the grocery store. And for me personally while it was an initial investment, and that scared me. When I did the math. I end up saving money and feeding my family healthier.

Curious about what to make for dinner? We love Home Chef !! You control what meals you get, everything is fresh and we keep the recipe card to recreate. I did a video about it :

My Nutrisystem Journey :

My Thyroid Cancer Journey :

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