Watch how Barbara Neill, an Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Consultant, makes IsaLean Protein Shakes for her “failure to thrive”, ADHD, son, who is on a Celiac Diet. He has grown 7 inches and gained 20 lbs. over the last year and is thrilled with his new muscles and stature. He is no longer the smallest boy in his classes! Her son’s Dr. wanted a protein shake in the mornings to take his medications with, and Barbara’s Isagenix nutritional products shake has been successful in getting dense, nutritional super foods into his body first thing in the morning. You can contact Barbara at for more information on Isagenix products and also business opportunities that you might be interested in. We just uploaded another NeillZoo video that shows Barbara and her son arm wrestling and showing off his muscles. You will have to watch that video to see who won the match!