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To inspire her niece, nephews & friends, she’s created a project called, “Summer Games 2013” and hasn’t been successful running to reach her 10 minute mile by end of summer so August 1st she’s decided to do a 30 day cleanse during her birthday month (August) with Isagenix to drop weight to meet her goal by summer’s end September 21, 2013. She’s signed up to do the triathlon Sept 14, 2013. In June/July 2013, she’s already succeeded in creating a new product at work and organizing a fun family adventure with See how’s she’s progressing now with her “under 10 minute mile” last goal of Summer Games 2013 and see her progress as she prepares for the 9/13 tri.

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8/15/13 UPDATE: To see Michelle’s 4 Week Triathlon and Low Inflammation Eating Planning Schedule, download it here

If you’d like to order Isagenix and do the cleanse with Michelle, please visit HER Isagenix page so she gets credit for your visit (it will help her pay for her supplements too and you can do that too)

It’s basically two protein shakes a day, plus snacks and one regular meal. For her meal, Michelle’s been following low-inflammation foods for her body she learned through doing the Lyn Genet Recitas “The Plan” (Lyn is NOT a PR client of Michelle’s but Michelle does love what The Plan’s taught her about what foods are friendly for her body and which are not. It’s simply a tool to find which foods give your body inflammation. Every body is different so check it out for yourself if you’re ailing in any way.