Herbalife and Shakeology are two of the biggest health brands in America.

Let’s compare Herbalife and Shakeology and see which one of their meal replacement shakes is better. My findings may come as a shocking surprise. I believe there are much better alternatives out there.

Both Herbalife and Shakeology are multi level marketing businesses. This is bad for the consumer because Multi level marketing companies operate with poor business practices.

Their goal is not about providing quality supplements but about recruiting the most people to make the most money.

For example, MLM Multilevel marketing is a strategy some direct sales companies use to encourage existing distributors to recruit new distributors. These new distributors are then paid a percentage of their recruits’ sales. 

The downside to this module is that prices are raised for the consumer. This allows the distributors to get larger commissions. Ultimately, this makes Herbalife and Shakeology products more expensive than what they should be worth. The higher price you pay is going into the distributors wallet as a commission.

Also MLM’s can lead to many false reviews and fake promoters. Anyone can become a beachbody coach and promote shakeology. Likewise, anyone can become a distributor of Herbalife.

This means ordinary people who are not qualified in the health industry can sell Herbalife or Shakeology.

For example, there are many distributors pushing Herbalife and Shakeology, saying its healthy and that their review is honest, when in fact they are lying. They are out to make a quick commission.

There are tons of fake reviews online instead of real honest ones. This is unfair for the unsuspecting consumer who are misled by the fake reviews from paid promoters.

How does the nutrition in both meal replacements compare?

Both Shakeology and Herbalife come with vitamins and minerals. Shakeology, has the added benefit of greens and veggies whereas Herbalife does not.

However, the downside to these vitamins and minerals is that they are synthetic.

Synthetic vitamins are vitamins that were created in a lab. They are therefore not natural.

The downside to Synthetic vitamins is that they are not absorbed in the same way as vitamins and minerals derived from natural whole foods.

Whereas the body is naturally used to absorbing whole foods that come with many vitamins and minerals, the body can struggle to absorb synthetic vitamins on their own.

Consequently, the full benefit of vitamins is lost. Herbalife and Shakeology also have high levels of sugar.

Herbalife has 9 grams of sugar while Shakeology has about 7-8 grams.

Sugar is bad for the liver, gut and also your skin.

If you are having a shake of Herbalife or Shakeology every day, that is a lot of sugar, gum, fillers, and artificial vitamins to be putting in your body.

How does the protein conent compare between Herbalife and Shakeology?

Herbalife is made with soy protein but does have soy free options. There is still very little research done on the impact of soy on the body.

Soy is said to increase risk of breast cancer. Soy may also negatively impact your thyroid function. However, the real downside to soy is that a lot of soy is gentically modified.

This is unhealthy because genetically modified soy can contain pesticide residue.

I would always recommend going for a soy free option. Shakeology on the otherhand has whey protein. Whey protein is a cheap and effective form of protein to help build and repair muscles. However, like soy there are some health risks.

Whey is not natural and derived from milk. This is one of the main reasons why some people have trouble digesting whey protein. Milk contains lactose which can be hard for the gut to digest.

This can lead to bloating, gas, and feeling uncomfortable. In conclusion, I would not buy Shakeology or Herbalife for the following reasons.

Both shakes are too expensive.
They have too much sugar.
Are full of synthetic vitamins.
And operate with bad marketing practices that are not in the interest of consumer.

The best alternative are shakes that are plant based, contain lots of nutrients, and are affordable. See my description for my favourite meal replacement shakes that are affordable, and healthy.

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