– Why whey protein Shake Singapore?? Simple because it :
~Pure & natural: Whey is extracted from milk by numerous methods, the most common is by using acids or salts and heat, which denatures the whey. Denaturing breaks down the protein and strips the whey of its natural, high-quality benefits. it also destroys bioactive compounds that have multiple benefits for humans.
~Key Amino Acid Profile: Undenatured whey contains numerous amino acid pairs and amino acid triples that fit specific genetic locks in the body to turn on protein functions. Studies show undenatured whey also supports production of glutathione, a key antioxidant for battling oxidative stress and guarding telomere health.
~Better Than Soy: There are number of meal replacement shakes out there with soy protein. Research shows that whey protein surpasses the results of soy-based shakes for fat burning and muscle retention and growth. Whey protein increases your ability to stay full longer and stimulates the production of heat in the human body so you can burn more calories.
~Benefits of Isagenix Whey Protein: Isagenix whey protein is sourced from New Zealand where standards exceed USDA organic and is put through an ultrafiltration process that keeps the whey intact(Undenatured). Our superior amino acid profile, with a high concentration of branched-chain amino acids, supports lean muscle growth.
Supplementing your regular workouts and weight-resistance training with isagenix protein throughout the day will help you:
~Spur muscle growth to the max
~Slow muscle breakdown
~Enhance feeling of fullness
~Boost metabolism and fat burning

Whey Protein Shake Singapore – The Best Whey Protein Singapore