Five men in their 50’s and 60’s share their personal Isagenix Stories and why Isagenix solutions have been life changing.

Kwangsoo Shin shares how he believes these products will not only extend his life but add to the quality of his life too.

Bernard Young shares why he has continued to use the products even though he only recently decided to start sharing with others.

Farmer John Arting shares insights from the perspective of a Michigan Farmer. Farmer John always has incredible nuggets to share!

Steve Williamson shares his personal transformation and some valuable tips as regarding Isagenix performance products. Steve in his late 50’s could not even carry a basket with clothes in it too long ago. Now he is training for a Black Belt!

Chuck Williams shares both his love of the Isagenix solutions and the benefits of the financial side of Isagenix. How he and many others within the Isagenix family are making money while helping others.

If you are young or old, male or female and would like to experience better health and/or make some money from home, contact Chuck OR the person that shared this video with you.

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