If you’re someone who is currently looking into whether the Isagenix range of products and solutions are a fit for you and your wellbeing, I’m sure, just like myself, you some questions that need answering.

I have been implementing a range of the Isagenix products and systems intertwined into a healthy whole foods lifestyle now for 8 years and have found it simple and incredibly beneficial for the sense of wellbeing I desired.

But there was a time where I was hugely sceptical about it all and had my doubts. Luckily enough for me, all my very valid questions were satisfied and I felt comfortable trying it out for myself.

In this video, I go into 7 of the main questions I needed answering before I could feel great about giving it a go for myself.

Below is a list of the reasons I almost didn’t start and the minutes you will be able to skip to.

Minute 1:25
Reason 1. I wasn’t open-minded and thought I had it all worked out.

Minute 3:27
Reason 2. Thought it was just a weight loss thing

Minute 5:35
Reason 3. The packaging didn’t reflect the depth and quality of the products.

Minute 6:42
Reason 4. “I only eat whole foods”. The idea of meal shakes was foreign to me.

Minute 15:40
Reason 5. Thought cleansing/fasting was just a weight loss thing. *Edit: I reference a Japanese biologist winning a Nobel ‘Peace’ Prize in Medicine when really it’s simply termed Nobel Prize in Medicine.

Minute 18:12
Reason 6. Thought it was going to be beyond my budget.

Minute 19:23
Reason 7. Thought nit was going to make my lifestyle more complicated and that it could not be sustainable long term.

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