See Step by Step instructions on how to make Herbalilfe Ice Cream. This is sooo yummy you will want to eat this every day! Its ice cream that can be used as a snack replacement at about *170-204 calories per serving. *use less berries 6:12 I said this was your meal replacement for the day…i meant meal replacement for that meal. So you can have this for breakfast, lunch ect.:)

Here are the ingredients:
For the ice cream
Herbalife – Shake-formula 1 Fr Vanilla, 2 scoops
Herbalife – Protein Drink Mix Vanilla, 1 scoops Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk – 30 Calories, 1 cup
1-1.5 Frozen Bananas (hard freeze..soft frozen bananas WONT work!)
1 cup of Almond Milk *use JUST enough to cover your powder and protein mixture
Pure Vanilla Extract, (1 Table Spoon)

*dash of cinnamon is optional too.

For the Swirl *Optional
Strawberries (Cut Up/Frozen) – Raw, 0.75 pint (about 86 calories)

You can also make ice cream in different flavors by adapting this a bit. Make sure you keep the frozen bananas! to place your herbalife order today! Recv. FREE samples when you order direct from me or get a 10% discount (choose one).

See full recp. at This was modified from Kristina’s at #RawfullyOrganic’s raw ice cream dream!

*This doesnt seem to work well with any other protein that I have tried EXCEPT the Herbalife Protein which is made to go with the Formula 1 Shake Mix. If your ice cream is not coming out thick enough…use less milk and MORE frozen bananas.