Herbalife No Bake Cheesecake

This is the recipe for a no bake cheesecake using herbalife products. You can cut about 100 calories per serving from the recipe if you portion this into cups and don’t use the graham cracker crust. It’s a great way to enjoy a cheesecake with extra protein and less sugar. Ingredients 1 pie crust 1 […]

Herbalife Cookies ‘n Cream Recipe

More recipes to come.. enjoy!! Ingredients: 8 oz water 2 scoops cookies ‘n cream f1 2 scoops vanilla protein mix 1tbsp ores pudding mix 1/2 tbsp white chocolate pudding mix And love 🙂 Music: Early Hours Musician: @iksonofficial

How To Make Herbalife Shake For Weight Loss | Herbalife Wellness Coach

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PART 1 How to make a herbalife waffle

Herbalife waffles made from scratch Ingredients 2 scoops of banana caramel 1 scoop of protein mix 1 scoop of pancake mix 2 scoops of quaker oats 1 egg Delicious herbalife waffles Follow us on IG @knrnutrition Like, share and subscribe for more content on how to make variety of things with herbalife

How to make a herbalife shake

Making a herbalife shake with the herbalife smartshaker bottle using the F1 vanilla flavor shake satchet from the trial pack. If you new to the business or a new customer on the products, this video is for you.