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▪️ All YouTube channels can benefit from a well thought out backdrop in their videos.

▪️ Always remember the basics: Objects of Interest, objects of authority & avoid distracting backdrop layouts. Keep them focused on you, but also interested.

▪️ Proper lighting can set the scene/mood for a video and feel free to mix it up as needed for holidays, seasons and special themes/events.

▪️ Consider a set of backdrop themes for the Intro hook, body of video & end credit or call-to-action (CTA) sequences.

▪️ Mark the location of lights with tape, room ‘landmarks’ or even take stills of your setup. Most vloggers cannot keep their studio gear setup 24/7 so plan accordingly.

▪️ Audio treatments (echo dampening tiles) may be required to achieve optimal acoustics. Audio is a commonly overlooked aspect of YouTube content and makes a huge difference in the impression you make on your viewers.

▪️ Many channels lose subscribers when they cannot hear your or the backdrop is bleak, boring or amateurish.

🔅 A strong foundation will help you grow a strong, organic, flexible, easy to manage channel 🔅

☑️ Why would you create a PPC campaign around poorly optimized channel content and weak organic reach?

☑️ What is your channel format & video content formula?

☑️ Did you establish a BRAND channel and consider your management team options?

☑️ Have you used Google to research your competitors online presence, organic search ranks & marketing strategies?