1. Disclaimer:
Herbalife products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. These results are not typical. Individual results may vary.
In this video we will learn How to make tasty and Healthy Herbalife Shake.
Products Required-
2. Afresh – flavors available are ginger, Lemon, Litchi, Elaichi, etc.
3. Formula 1 – flavors available strawberry Shake, Kulfi Shake, Orange Shake, Vanilla Shake, Mango Shake and all-time favorite Chocolate shake.
4. Protein Powder – no available flavors.

Other things required:
1. Blender or Mixer Grinder
2. A Cool glass or mug to enjoy the shake
3. Measuring glass for perfect proportion of milk and water

Brief intro –
Start your day with glass of water, after that prepare afresh in hot water and after around 30-60 min later take your shake and after that have a plenty of water for whole day for healthy results.

Step – 1 How to make Afresh??
1. Take and pour hot water around 300 ml – 600 ml in glass and add two spoon of Afresh as shown in video to the glass and stir it and have it hot.

Step – 2 How to Make Tasty Herbalife Shake?
1. Put 3 scoops of Formula 1 in Jug or mixer
2. Put 1 Scoop of Protein Powder in Jug or Mixer.
3. Add 200 ml of Soya Milk or normal milk (soya milk is prefferd due to low fat content and normal rises problem of constipation) to jug or mixer.
4. Blend them all for around 20 seconds.
5. Put some 3-4 ice cubes to container and around 50 ml water and blend them again for 5 sec.

Your Herbalife Shake or Herbalife Meal is ready.
this shake will help you in weight loss and it the best recipe to loose weight.

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