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This recipe is another quick, easy, sweet AND LEAN one! These balls are super versatile; you can add or switch out many of the ingredients to get the perfect balls for you!

And before we go any further, I know what you are wondering, are these protein bites good for you? Well, the good news is they are!!! These are filled with protein, maca powder healthy fats, low GI carbohydrates and STILL TASTE amazing. Also, they still taste sweet due to the sugar free, zero calorie maple syrup and zero sugar chocolate. This really is the ultimate snack. It won’t spike your insulin levels, and instead, gives you a sustained energy boost!

The oats are the base of these balls, and due to the fact that they are low on the glycemic index, they help maintain glucose levels! The peanut butter is what gives this treat a creamy and salty taste! You can easily swap out the peanut butter with any nut butter of your choice, such as almond butter or cashew butter. When choosing your nut butter, you ideally want to make sure it is natural and organic and NO ADDED SUGARS. Generic nut butters tend to have added sugars and unneeded ingredients in them, so make sure you are choosing a healthy one! Chocolate chips are a great addition to any sweet snack! What’s even better is SUGAR FREE chocolate chips!! This way, you still get the sweetness without the sugar crash! And of course, a little more sweetness comes from Walden’s Farm’s ZERO CALORIE maple syrup.

Finally, the protein and maca powder ensure we are getting a little extra protein and a boost to our energy levels from the maca powder. Macca powder helps increase strength, boost your energy and improve your performance in the gym!

All the products I used are linked in the LEAN SHOP BELOW!!

All the products I used are linked in the LEAN SHOP BELOW!!



1 cup old fashioned oats
⅔ cup creamy, organic peanut butter
2 tbsp Waldens Farm Sugar FREE Maple Syrup
¼ cup milled flax seed
½ cup SUGAR FREE Chocolate Chips


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