Hey Loves!! This is such a quick super easy recipe that is prepared in 5 minutes, Literally! Using my Herbalife Nutrition Products , two scoops of formula 1 powder (flavor of your choice.) 2 scoops of protein powder (flavor of your choice) I used the personalized protein powder it contains 0 carbs but you can use any of your choice, it still works the same (: 1 egg 🥚, 1/2 cups of water & viola top it off with your favorite nutrition toppings and you have yourself a high protein healthy breakfast 🧇 ☕️. The coffee is super easy to make you can do the exact same thing I did but instead of shaking it you can also choose to blend it for a few seconds then add your ice whatever works best for you it will taste delicious either or 😋😋😋 Since I am pregnant I am allowed to drink one cup of coffee a day and why not drink my Herbalife coffee(:

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