If you missed our recent videos, Adam and I shared that we have been using the Isagenix system and products for 7 years – it’s actually HOW WE MET! We have decided to jump back in full on doing the entire system and will take you with us, documenting our journey as we transform over the next few months!

6 weeks in and we are feeling GREAT! We both wish we had stated back on ISAGENIX sooner!!!

***If you would like more info or are ready to get started, join our facebook group! Lots of information in there, recipes, free coaching from us, and support from us and the community! Free coaching with us, free shipping and 25% off, what could be better?!

TO GET 25% OFF: If you just want to call the company to join, tell them you’d like to be on Stephanie Tornatore’s team, member ID #10056545. (But we’d really love to personally coach you along the way, so join the group!)

Or, email us at fitcouplecooks@gmail.com

We are thrilled for all of you who have joined and are already seeing and feeling results! Exciting!!!

Here’s the scale to measure body fat percentage along with weight and water weight:

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