Megan and I wanted to share how we personally use the Isagenix products. Megan has celiacs disease and needs to have a 100% gluten-free option on hand just in case a restaurant cannot guarantee her food will not be contaminated with gluten and I need a plan in place to keep up with my past-paced lifestyle while maintaining low body fat and high energy.

I have been using Isagenix since 2010 so I have tested and tried a variety of products and combos… this is what works for both Megan and I on a daily basis.

Feel free to let me know if you have any questions. You can also find more information on my website: or order your own Isagenix from Megan at

My personal “secret formula” I have found for using Isagenix looks like this:

As soon as I wake up: 1 scoop Cleanse for Life and 1 serving of Ionix Supreme and AM pack of Ageless Essentials with Product B

20-30 minutes after I have my cleanse/Ionix/AM pack, I have an IsaLean shake… If I am at home, I will add in some frozen kale, beets, and berries and from time to time IsaGreens. Bottom line: I have a shake whether it is made in a blender or dumped into a water bottle on the go.

Lunch: I have a lot of lunch meetings so this meal is usually eaten out at a restaurant. I have pretty much whatever I feel like having as long as it is relatively clean.

Around 3pm, I have my second shake. This is almost always consumed on the go but if I happen to be at home, I like to add a little coconut oil to it. This is also when I will have a second serving of Ionix Supreme.

Dinner: More networking and dinner events most nights and if not, I cook a big yummy dinner keeping it clean with plenty of green veggies but I don’t hold back. I hate going to bed hungry and find that I sleep better if I have a little starch in my last meal.

This way of eating provides me with plenty of energy, keeps my cravings away, keeps me lean and strong, and is EASY. For anyone who has followed me for any length of time, I truly believe we all have better things to spend our time, energy, and brain power on other than obsessing about food.

Right before bed, I have 1 scoop Cleanse for Life, 1 serving of Ionix Supreme (if I didn’t have it around 3pm), and PM pack of Ageless Essentials with Product B.

I rotate other products in (especially the IsaLean Pro and the IsaLean Bars), but this is my tried and true formula that has kept me looking this way on a regular basis. No more “gotta go on lockdown to get ready for this photo shoot” stuff.


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