How i make my Herbalife shake and tea every morning for breakfast.. This is how i use my herbalife daily to make my shakes and tea. Using the correct dosage amount for the formula recommended to achieve weight loss or to maintain healthy weight. I am a Herbalife Coach, i have lost 25lbs doing the herbalife program. With doing the shakes as a meal replacement twice per day snacking healthy and eating healthy meals, exercise and just maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Once i reached my idea weight goal, i then smithed over to one shake a day for breakfast only. Then i just make sure to continue eating healthy. I also help coach others through their weight loss journey as well as staying on top of my own healthy lifestyle and leading by example daily. Doing herbalife nutrition has really helped me with my overall health in so many ways! If your interested in starting your journey with herbalife nutrition program and like to be coached by me. I will send you a healthy meal plan to follow, a grocery list, exercise plan and assistance with coaching you through your weight loss journey. Consumers who use formula one twice a day as part of a healthy lifestyle can generally expect can lose half to one pound per week. If you would like more info on how to get on this nutritional plan follow me on IG and send me a message to get started! follow my IG page @ everything_jj
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