At its core, Isagenix is a caloric restrictive detox program. The concept being that you replace 2 out of 3 meals with whey protein shakes.


Top 5 reasons to doubt Isagenix:

1. Calorie restriction
• 240 calories per shake. 480 for the 2 meals
• Restriction brings short term results and metabolic damage
• After restriction ends, weight comes back and then some

2. Ingredients in shakes
• Overpriced milk powder
• Processed junk (artificial sweeteners, preservatives, synthetic vitamins just to name a few)

3. Costs $500 a month
• $8 per shake
• For that cost you could buy a lot of healthy groceries and join the gym and have enough money to have a personal trainer

4. Body can cleanse itself
• As we know with the studies coming out, the body is quite capable to cleanse itself, we don’t need magic potion to enable this.
• You don’t need a magic pill or potion for the body to cleanse

5. Everyone is on the payroll
• Multi Level Marketing program
• Sales people giving advice on “health” are not really unbiased
• Insagenix funded science

Isagenix Study Is Not Convincing

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