To make the shake in the blender or in the shaker cup while on the go: 2 scoops of the HEALTHY MEAL & 2 scoops of the PROTEIN mix… add water & ice & youre ready to go!

Hey Im Tim! My wife Eve & I love the HerbaLife products and stand behind them 100%. We love that they are as close as it gets to being an organic product! HerbaLife owns the farms where the products where grown and we monitor the entire process from seed to feed. 100% of what is on the label is exactly whats in the product! (Unlike our competitors and their products you can buy they are only required to have 10% of whats actually on the label in their product!)
The BEST part about HerbaLife is how they taste!! Everyone that has tried them, loves them! So as you can imagine its easy to stand behind such an amazing and great tasting product that works!
Get on the two, two, one plan! Replace 2 meals a day with 2 shakes, with a healthy snack between each shake and 1 healthy meal (i will send you a list of easy snack ideas and easy healthy dinner options!). It cant get much easier then this!
If youd like to get on the shakes please email me to set up a time to chat over the phone at

Thanks for watching!
Tim & Eve