I filmed this Car Vlog last Wednesday Aug 29th in response to some questions I have been getting on YouTube and Instagram regarding my diet. I am far from where I want to or should be but I am much better than I was 4 years ago. Life is a journey, skin care is a journey and so is diet and fitness. Slow going, small gains a lot of stumbles along the way.
Channels Mentioned: Stephanie Ferrell Focus – ttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKck1tOXoT_cQrrm9zpxU4w

Product mentioned – I am not being paid or sponsored or selling this product but rather I am sharing my 2 month experience with it. This is who I buy from https://yourbestbeginstoday.isagenix.com I believe enrollment is free and new flavors are being added. My fav flavor is peach. It is yummy

Diets mentioned:
Ketogenic LowCarb