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This has been a real eye-opener for my athlete friends, who previously thought they had a good system and optimum results . . . with the Athlete’s Pak, “optimum” can be improved!

What is IsaLean PRO Shake?

IsaLean PRO is a meal replacement that offers you a high-dose of undenatured whey protein with a superior amino acid profile to assist in your weight-loss and/or muscle-building goals. Studies show whey protein is the best choice for burning fat and building muscle. People on a weight-loss program often reach a point where their weight loss has stalled. Increasing your protein intake helps curb hunger while increasing fat burning and muscle growth, ultimately helping you overcome stubborn weight-loss “plateaus.”

What makes IsaLean PRO Shake unique?

Whey protein is superior for weight loss because it can positively affect body composition, increase satiety (your ability to stay full) and stimulate thermogenesis, which is the production of heat and burning of calories in the human body. As you build lean tissue with high-quality whey protein (often aided by resistance training exercises), you are able to burn more calories.
Research shows whey protein is far more effective than carbs, fats and other proteins for stimulating fat-burning potential.

Can I use IsaLean PRO Shake on Cleanse and Shake Days?

IsaLean PRO is not intended for use on Cleanse Days, however, IsaLean PRO is the perfect way to enhance — or even replace — your standard IsaLean® Shake on your Shake Days. It works great as a supplement or compliment to your existing IsaLean Shake regimen, empowering your Shake Days so you can experience even greater results.

Where does the protein concentrate come from?

IsaLean PRO contains high-quality, undenatured protein from cows that are milked according to season and have not been treated with hormones or routine antibiotics. IsaLean PRO is a great-tasting, complete meal replacement that helps you feel full, longer. Great for burning fat and controlling calories, retaining or building lean muscle, IsaLean PRO is a safe, sensible, effective and nutrient-rich, weight-loss tool.

How can IsaLean PRO support older people with sarcopenia?

As we get older, our body’s ability to absorb protein lessens, requiring more protein to hold on to muscle. Recent studies suggest that large doses of whey protein (up to 35g) versus lower doses over time is better for promoting muscle maintenance and growth in people over 55.
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