This is the recipe for the Herbalife Jet Drink or Fat Flush, in spanish we call it ” El Chupa Pansa”. This drink will make you go to the bathroom, helping you remove toxins from your body and helping you become regular. The Fiber in this drink helps make your body regular so you aren’t constipated and the liquid your are drinking will help ease your constipation. Drinking this during a platau will help move the scale in the right direction. You can do a Jet Drink challenge, by drinking this 2 liter drink throughout your day for 3-7 days, this will help you lose weight. Just make sure you are staying within your Caloric budget as being in a Caloric deficit is how you will lose weight.

2 Scoops Active Fiber Complex
6 Capfuls Herbal Aloe Concentrate
1 scoop Probiotic
2 tsp Herbal Tea Concentrate
1 tsp NRG Tea
4 Scoops Herbalife Beverage Mix

Nutrition Facts
Calories 190
Protein 30g
Fiber 12g
Carbs 30g
sugar 2g

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