Hello! This is a very different video for me, but I did have some people ask about what I eat and what protein powder I use. I figured this video might be helpful! I am not a nutritionist, this is just what I use and what works for me and my lifestyle. This recipe has a great amount of good for you fats, which is exactly why it keeps you full. For me since I enjoy lots of carbs, this is low calorie for me but it may not be for you. It is yummy, filling and healthy!! Always check nutritional facts on anything you eat especially if you are on any type of restrictions!!

Here is a breakdown of the calories for the portion I made in this video.Keep in mind, I don’t drink this whole portion, you see how much I had left, I always make the boys each their own cup. Feel free to adjust the proportions to the calorie intake you are needing your shake to be.

Protein Powder(1 scoop) – 100 calories
Banana – 100 calories
1TBS raw honey – 60 calories
1.5 TBS of Almond Butter – 150
1.25 cups usweetened Soy Milk – 100
TOTAL was 510, but I am guessing I consume 400-450 calories.

Also, I am look for more video ideas! Please comment below any videos you want to see.

The protein powder I use and love!!
Chocolate(Large size I have in the video): http://goo.gl/mu1maK
Chocolate (Small): http://goo.gl/2BPCu0
Vanilla (Large): http://goo.gl/88mdtN
Vanilla (Small): http://goo.gl/MDgA0Y
Strawberry(Large): http://goo.gl/LJ9chs
Strawberry(Small): http://goo.gl/ihpw2l

Manuka Honey: http://goo.gl/7TqdP0

Ninja: http://goo.gl/HvCzQS

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