MABILISANG PAMPAPAYAT : Tara tuturuan ko kayo gumawa ng shake mula sa Herbalife ❤️ kaya sa mga chubbylita dyan tara may pag-asa na tayong pumayat, gumanda at maging healthy talaga .

✅ On RESULTS: Results are not typical. Individual results will vary.
✅ On PRODUCTS: These products are not intended to treat, cure, prevent, or diagnose any disease.
✅ On MEAL PLAN: Meal plan is not “one-size fits all.” The given meal plan is a Personalized Meal plan that is best suited and recommended for me (given the results of my weigh-in, my metabolic rate, my lifestyle, my work, my schedule, and food preferences). So every person has a different meal plan.
✅ On the PROGRAM: We don’t sell products we sell results. So the product MUST come with a coach and SHOULD NOT be bought from online stores (that’s a violation). Make sure to get in contact with a coach (check the contact details below).

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