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IdealShape makes a variety of nutritional products, and their IdealShake meal replacement shake is one of the most popular. In our IdealShake review, we discuss the nutritional breakdown of this popular nutritional shake, including ingredients, taste, mixability, price, and more.

What did we think of this, and how does it stack up to the best meal replacement shakes on the market? What stood out most in our IdealShape review? And could this be a good meal replacement for weight loss?

We immediately liked the macronutrient breakdown in IdealShake. What was more of a head-scratcher was the micronutrient breakdown on the IdealShape ingredients label.

While this is marketed as a meal replacement shake, users will probably want to supplement it with a balanced diet with other foods and supplements, as it is a bit low in a few key micronutrients.

That isn’t to say we didn’t like a lot about this product, which includes IdealShake’s taste. It mixed well and was pleasant to sip. Overall, it’s pretty nutritionally dense for a meal replacement supplement, which is one of the main factors we look at when reviewing products in this category

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