hey friends! Today I’m going to be talking about my herbalife experience. I purchased all these products a few years ago and since I’m obsessed with #antiMLM videos I figured why not discuss my own journey. Take everything I say with a grain of salt. Some people definitely enjoy these shakes and see results which is great but I’m not a fan of the taste and the business structure .

Products Mentioned:
– Formula 1 Meal Nutritional Shake Mix : Wild Berry
– Formula 1 Meal Nutritional Shake Mix : Cafe Latte
-Formula 1 Meal Nutritional Shake Mix : Pina Colada
– Formula 1 Meal Nutritional Shake Mix : Cookies & Ceam
– Formula 1 Meal Nutritional Shake Mix : Banana Caramel
-Formula 1 Meal Nutritional Shake Mix : French Vanilla
– Protein Drink Mix Vanilla
– Prolessa Duo 30 Day Program
-Active Fiber Complex Apple

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♡About Me♡ Born & raised in NYC I started watching beauty videos at the age of 16 which is a pretty long time ago considering the fact that I am now 26. I love creating videos because it keeps me busy and keeps me happy. It’s a fun hobby for someone as awkward and chatty as me. My actual name is in fact Janie and not jane, but you can call me either one or just Bunny. 🙂

My Interests:

‣Nail Polish
‣Bath Products such as:bubble bars/bath bombs,soaps, lotions, etc!
‣Etsy ! I’m addicted to etsy and trying out smaller companies !
‣ Planners , stationary, scrapbooking

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