This is the last day of the series, CHALLENGE: CHANGE
I hope I have been able to inspire at least some of you to take the initiative to living a fuller, better, healthier and happier lifestyle 🙂

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Here’s what to expect for this series:
I decided to do a week long series on my channel focused around health, wellness, nutrition, physical mental and spiritual transformation and becoming financially free and stable. Basically CHALLENGING YOU TO CHANGE!

Monday: “Motivation Monday”
-My Story
-My “Why”
-Motivation to START!

Tuesday: “Tell You Tuesday”
-All the deets on IsAgenix and why it’s the friggin best
(cost, what you get, benefits)
-My Solution

Wednesday: “Wellness Wednesday”
-Importance of health & wellness
-Balanced Lifestyle

Thursday: “Thankful Thursday”
-How to make money
-Side hustle
-Residual Income
-Building a business

Friday: “Fitness Friday”
– My Workout Routine
-Updated Fitness Journey
– Sam’s Workouts
– My fav supplements!

Saturday: “Self-Love Saturday”
-Self love
-Grow, glow, go!
-Self development, growth, confidence
-Being who you are and being proud
-Be the best version of you

Sunday: “Celebration Sunday”
-Others testimony’s
-Most asked questions

So that’s what to expect this week!
I’m so so so excited for this to all be filmed for you guys!
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