Most people agree that mint and chocolate make a great flavor combination. But what about mint and strawberries? Our newest Herbalife Formula 1 shake recipe blends a few fresh mint leaves with fresh strawberries in a Wild Berry shake base, for a truly distinctive and delicious flavor!

Registered dietitian Susan Bowerman recently noticed that her peppermint plants were flourishing in her garden and she wanted to use some of it in her morning shake. Already knowing that chopped mint was a wonderful addition to fruit salads, she chose to pair it with the season’s fresh strawberries. But you can try mango and pineapple as well!

Used sparingly, mint acts as a balanced note that doesn’t overpower the berry taste. You might start with just a few rinsed leaves, then taste and add one or more additional leaves if desired.

Strawberry Mint Shake
(Calories: 260)
25 g / 2 scoops Herbalife Formula 1, Wild Berry shake mix
240 ml / 8 ounces lowfat milk or soy milk
Ice cubes
160 g / 1 cup fresh strawberry halves
6-8 fresh mint leaves

In a blender, combine all of the ingredients and blend until shake is smooth. Serve immediately.

The result will have you looking at fresh mint in a whole new way! See more of Herbalife nutrition expert Susan Bowerman’s inspired shake recipes and other delicious and nutritious dishes on her playlist at