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IsaLean Pro is a high-protein meal replacement shake by Isagenix containing 36g of ultra-pure, ultra-clean New Zealand whey protein. Osolean is a whey protein peptide technology with concentrated natural calcium to aid your body in losing fat and trimming your waistline (supplemented with a reduced-calorie diet, and regular exercise).

Personally, I use them together as shown in the video: one product aids and/or supplements the other. I always add the Mannatech OsoLean powder into the Isagenix whey protein product that I consume throughout the day… either their IsaLean Pro, or IsaLean Shake, or IsaPro.

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The sign-up process is straight-forward. For Isagenix, the membership fee is usd$39 per year. With Mannatech, as a “Member,” membership is free when you place a product order at the same time as sign-up. Please view the “My Story” section of www.VitaGlory.com for more information. THANK YOU!

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