My Herbalife overview and story:

Strawberry Cheesecake Healthy Shake:
1 scoop Herbalife vanilla protein drink mix
2 scoops Herbalife Vanilla formula one
2 to 3 teaspoons sugar free instant vanilla pudding mix
2 to 3 teaspoons sugar free, instant cheesecake pudding mix
6 to 8 frozen strawberries
8 to 10 ounces cool water
6 to 10 ice cubes depending on your preference

Combine all the dry powder ingredients and the water in the carafe of your blender and blend for 10 to 15 seconds. Add in the strawberries and the
desired amount of ice and blend for 30 seconds longer or until thick and creamy.

Pour into your glass and enjoy as is or top with some sugar free whipped topping for fun! You’ll feel like you’re being naughty but you’re getting healthy!

You can also make this in a shaker cup with water, ice and the ingredients, just shake and drink. Sometimes if you have to be away from home it’s a way to enjoy these products and stick to your goals. That’s it! A healthy shake meal replacement that doesn’t taste like chalk. That doesn’t leave you hungry and is super satisfying and really tasty! I love the versatility of Herbalife for the simple fact that it fits into my life and I can get what I want quick and it comes right to my door!

If you would like more information about possibly giving Herbalife a try, please use the link provided above to get an overview of how it all works and how you can get started!

To Explore the Herbalife Line go here:
1) Go to
2) Click “Apply Online” under the “Join Herbalife” tab.
3) Create an Herbalife account.
Enter your e-mail address and create a password.📝
4) Choose the Membership – Click “Sign Up as a Preferred Member” (on the left)
5) Enter Sponsor’s Details:
🔹Sponsor ID: 10Y2180228
🔹Sponsor Last Name: LAMBERT
(Noreen Lambert)
6) Proceed to Fill Out Personal Information-
Personal Info, Residential Address, Phone Numbers, Email, Etc.
7) Create a PIN CODE #
(Make it something you will easily remember! You will need this if/when you call Herbalife.)
8 )Review Application Agreement- if you agree with the terms, check ✅ “I Agree to the Terms Listed Above”
9) Complete Herbalife Preferred Member Survey!
10) Review and Confirm Info
11) Preferred Member Pack $34.95
🔹 Shipping
🔹 Shipping Method: Fedex Home Delivery
12) Submit Payment Info 💳
Once you complete the process, you’ll be a Preferred Member and you can enjoy your 25% off savings! You earn points each time you order and earn up to 42% off!

💥{30 Day Money Back Guarantee including Shipping}
💥{If you don’t care for a flavor, Herbalife will send you a new flavor for free and let you keep the original flavor!}
💥{No monthly auto-draft, auto-refill, sketchy hidden fees or minimum purchase!}

There are SO many wonderful products and you can choose whatever you like! However, these are the products that I started with and that I still use today. It will last you one month and covers your two meals per day!

⭐️Make sure that you order these exact SKU #’s/sizes so that your products will all run out about the same time. Feel free to screen shot me your cart before you finalize your order so that I can double check it for you!

✌🏼TWO containers of:
Formula 1 Healthy Meal Nutritional Shake 750g (you can choose two flavors)
SKU 2628 (Banana Caramel)
…it should pop up all of the other flavors for you to choose from! Choose 2! I recommend

🍌Banana Caramel,
🍫Dutch Chocolate,
🍪Cookies n Cream,
🥛French Vanilla,
☕️Cafe Latte,
☘️Mint Chocolate and
🍊Orange Cream.
🍓Wild Berry
🥥 Pina Colada

👆🏼One container of:
Vanilla Protein Drink Mix 840g
SKU 1426

The Formula 1 shakes with added Protein will provide all of the vitamins and minerals from a perfectly balanced meal…and they are SO delicious!

☝🏼One carton of:
Herbal Aloe Concentrate (I recommend Mango, Cranberry or Mandarin) (Pint)
SKU 1065

The aloe soothes the stomach, supports nutrient absorption and intestinal health and acts as a daily, gentle cleanse.

☝🏼One container of:
Herbal Tea Concentrate: 3.53/3.6 OZ (102g) (I recommend Raspberry, Peach, Lemon or Cinnamon)
SKU 0189

This tea boosts the metabolism, burns abdominal fat and provides energy! It also contributes to your overall health.

I hope you give this a try sometime soon and I hope you love it!

Happy eating!

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