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About MarizaVillarreal ► Mariza Villarreal is an NPC Bikini Competitor and fitness model who was born and raised in Corpus Christi, TX, and currently resides in Los Angeles, CA.

Mariza began her fitness career in 2002 as a fitness model posing exclusively with Muscular Development. She gained popularity very quickly among the fitness community, she was published four times that year. She was asked to pose for the cover of Muscular Development in March 2003 with a centerfold and a 2 page interview. Mariza was one of 12 girls the magazine chose to spotlight as that year exclusively in their publication. After Muscular Development, Mariza was published in many mainstream magazines such as Mens Health and Fitness blogs. For personal reasons Mariza had to put her dreams of health and fitness behind her and take responsibility for her family after the death of her parents. She was able to pursue fitness again in 2013 almost a decade later. This time she came back focused on becoming an IFBB Pro and making fitness her career rather than just being a part-time fitness model. Mariza started an instagram account posting workouts and personal diaries and in year she has accumulated One Million instagram followers she inspires daily.

Mariza began competing in March of 2014, her first show was Muscle Contest in Culver City, CA. In her very first show ever she won overall in Masters and qualified for NPC Nationals, she also took overall her class for Open and first in class for Masters. Mariza competed a month later at the Governors show one of the biggest shows in Sacramento, Ca and placed in the top 5. She opted to skip nationals this year due to health reasons. She plans to re-qualify in 2017 and acquire her Pro Card with the help of her coachArt Ortiz. Mariza inspires others that no matter what you’ve done in your life you can change your life around any moment and follow your dreams with success!