Healthy breakfast ideas. If you’re stuck in a food rut then get inspired with these healthy breakfast options from Susan Bowerman. Sure, a convenient Herbalife Shake in the morning meets your nutrition needs but you could swap out your lunch and or dinner with a shake instead. These healthy breakfast ideas are perfect for when you’re on the go or have the time to plan a special breakfast.

Are you looking for healthy breakfast alternatives to your Herbalife Formula 1 shake? In this video, Susan Bowerman, MS, RD, CSSD, FAND, shows you some light and nutritious breakfast options.

A Herbalife Formula 1 shake is an excellent breakfast, but every now and then you might want to change things up by having your shake for lunch or dinner. That means you’ll need some healthy breakfast options. Whatever you decide to eat, make sure it’s a balanced meal that includes protein and healthy carbohydrates.

Healthy Breakfast Option #1: eggs.
Peaople all around the world associate eggs with breakfast. Whether you like hard boiled, scrambled or poached, an egg or two can help meet your protein needs.
Try mixing a few veggies into an omelet or serve a softboiled egg alongside toast soldiers and add a bowl of fresh fruit on the side.

Healthy Breakfast Option #2: plain non-fat Greek yogurt.
Prepare a healthy bowl of Greek yoghurt and round out a meal by adding fruit and a few nuts.

Healthy Breakfast Option #3: Start your day with hot cereal.
Hot cereal is a major comfort food but instead of reaching for cream and sugar try adding Herbalife Personalized Protein Powder to your oats once they’ve finished cooking. The extra protein may help you feel fuller for longer.

Healthy Breakfast Option #4: Consider foods that you wouldn’t normally associate with breakfast.
For some reason many people see only a small category of foods as suitable for breakfast but next time you’re in the kitchen try these healthy breakfast alternatives: whole grain corn tortillas, spread with avocado and topped with a few slices of turkey or a salmon patty on a whole wheat English muffin. Both of these helpings can be paired with a side of fruit to create a balanced meal.

Healthy Breakfast Option #5: leftovers.
If your leftovers made a perfectly healthy and balanced meal for dinner, it’ll make a perfectly balanced and nutritious breakfast option too.

So what did you have for breakfast today? Share you’re favorite breakfast options in the comments below!

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